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Passion. Vision. Mission. These are just a few of the words that characterize the 50 individuals—and one organization—named 2015 Movers & Shakers. They are passionate about what they do, whether it is advocating for literacy and diversity, serving the underserved, spreading and sharing technology, and much more. They see the future and bring it to life. And they are committed to the mission of the library as an engine of democracy.For the first time since the Movers & Shakers began in 2002, we’ve included an organization, We Need Diverse Books, in recognition of the challenge thrown down by a handful of children’s and YA authors and taken up by authors, publishers, librarians, and thousands of others to bring diversity to children’s publishing. The movement’s efforts are already breeding change.As always, it is difficult to winnow the field to select the Movers—this year we received more than 300 nominations. The profession is strong. We know there are many more Movers transforming our libraries, and we are grateful to all who put forward their talented colleagues. The Class of 2015 brings the cadre of Movers to over 700 strong. This year’s class will be feted at a luncheon, along with previous honorees, on June 26 at the American Library Association annual conference in San Francisco. We look forward to seeing you there!Many thanks to the 15 writers who contributed profiles to this issue: lead writer Jen Pinkowski, along with Aída Bardales, Caroline Lewis, Grace Huang Lynch, Elizabeth Michaelson Monaghan, Marta Murvosh, and Carly Okyle; LJ’s Matt Enis, Lisa Peet, Meredith Schwartz, and Stephanie Sendaula; and School Library Journal’s Sarah Bayliss, Mahnaz Dar, Shelley Diaz, and Carolyn Sun.—

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