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  • Global™ 3/4HP Floor Dryer, Blower See all 1 items in product family Global™ 3/4HP Floor Dryer Features 3-Speed Operation Which Provides Up To 2, 455 CFM For Superior Floor Drying Capability.

    Made using injection molded housing and fan assembly for quiet operation. 3/4HP motor with 3-speed operation offers efficient drying for floors, walls and ceilings. Floor dryer allows 3 height adjustment positions for optimum drying. Built-in handle for easy lifting. Air mover includes 20'L power cord. 120V/60Hz; 6.6/6.7/6.8 Amps; 1300/1400/1500 RPM. ETL Approved. Measures 16"W x 18"D x 17"H.

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  • See all 8 items in product family Floor Dryers Help Dry Any Wet Surface From Floors And Walls To Drapes And Upholstery.

    Floor Dryers help with flood recovery by providing efficient drying power. 2- or 3-speed motor is controlled by a rotary switch for easy operation. The molded high density polyethylene housing of these air blowers allows 3-5 operating positions for peak performance. Floor dryers can stack to save storage space and to increase drying power. Air dryers feature built-in thermal overload protection. Molded, easy-carry handle for portability. 20’L power cord. Floor Dryers with Handle include a telescoping handle and wheels for easy mobility, even when stacked. 1 Year Limited Warranty.

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  • See all 10 items in product family AirFoxx® Air Movers, Floor Dryers, & Utility Blowers For Construction Sites, Warehouses, Worksites, Workshops And More.

    These high velocity air movers are perfect for cooling, carpet drying and other air moving applications. Made using high impact roto-molded polyethylene plastic housing. Floor dryers offer 1- 2- and 3-speed fan controls and various position air flow for ground. 45° and 90° circulation. Heavy duty motor offers quiet operation and allows outdoor use. Some units provide protective safety grill enclosed motor and metal fan blades and include a 25'’L power cord. Up to 2 HP. Limited Warranty.

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  • See all 49 items in product family XPOWER Air Movers Dry Wet Carpets & Floors

    Air movers offer multiple operating positions for drying carpets and floors or drying out water damage or wet paint on ceilings. Blowers feature 3-stable or variable air speed control, along with a long power cord. Mini blowers are used where larger air movers are not accessible. Stackable air movers speed up drying time for janitorial cleaning, water damage restoration, and paint on walls & ceilings. Scented air movers offer professional performance with the optional power of scent. 115V/60Hz. Power and types vary by model

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  • See all 6 items in product family Industrial Portable Blower Fans Feature A Quiet 2-Speed Motor With Thermal Cutoff For Overheat Protection.

    Industrial Portable Blower Fans provide a roller bearing motor for heat resistant and maintenance-free operation. Sturdy steel housing has formed channels for enhanced rigidity and a powder coat black finish for long lasting durability. Portable fans include a grip handle for easy transport. Grills have curved grid supports and include an 18'L 3-conductor power cord with plug. Direct Drive Fans feature 3 blades that allows blower tilt to direct airflow vertically. Includes two wheels for mobility. Belt Driven Fans have 4 balanced blades and solid rubber wheels for mobility. Meets OSHA standards, UL listed. Available diameters are 24, 30, 36, 42, and 48 inches. Horsepower is 1/3, 2/3, 1, and 1-1/2 hp. Includes 1 Year Limited Warranty.Global model 246607 features a full 360° orbital rotation.

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  • See all 2 items in product family Pullman Holt Air Movers Help Move And Filter Air Using HEPA Filtration

    Pullman Holt air scrubbers are truly unique. Standard motor/blowers are coupled with HEPA filters that are individually tested and certified at 99.97% efficiency at .3 microns. The primary filter is washable and an indicator light warns when it is time to clean or replace both filters. Equipped with two (2) locking wheels for superior transportation and stability. An optional discharge manifold for ducting is available on the A1200 model. Specs vary by model. Choose from the quiet upwards facing A600 or the larger, more powerful A1200 version. With either choice, you know you will be getting an air mover that out performs other scrubbers on the market today.

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  • See all 10 items in product family Dri-Eaz® Airmovers Provide Fast Drying And Cleanup On Walls, Carpets And Floors.

    Dri-Eaz® Airmovers are made of rotomolded polyethylene or injection molded housing with a wire grill and other high quality materials for long lasting durability. Variety of types available to enhance evaporation and quickly remove surface moisture. High-velocity airflow stays low while drying in all directions. Types are Vertical Floor Dryer, Airmover, Floor/Carpet Dryer, 6 Position Floor Dryer, Drying System and High Velocity Floor Dryer. HPs are 1/3, 1/4 and 1. Voltages are 115 and 120. CFMs are 100, 500, 750, 1881, 2250, 2700, 3100 and 3500. Color finish is Blue and Blue/Black. Package quantity is 1.

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  • See all 9 items in product family Global Exhaust Fans Help Ventilate And Cool Manholes, Tanks And Crawl Spaces.

    Global blowers are made of steel housing with powder coated steel wire safety guards for long lasting durability. Lightweight and portable with an easy-carry handle. Rubber feet on base minimizes noise and reduces vibrations. Includes 10'’L power cord. Ducting provides flexible exhaust vents that easily attach to blower fan. Ducts are made with 2-ply reinforced polyvinyl that is flame retardant and withstands -20° to 180°F temperatures. Blade diameters vary from 8-16 inches and made of aluminum alloy. Global ventilation fan is housed in heavy gauge aluminum. Available styles are Blower Fan, Blower Fan with 16 or 32 inch ducting.. 1 Year Limited Warranty.

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  • See all 9 items in product family Industrial Portable Blower Fans Provide Air Flow And Cooling For Warehouses, Garages, Recreational Spaces And More.

    Industrial Portable Blower Fans are made with permanently-lubricated ball bearing motors for reliable performance. Gray steel housing ensures lasting durability. Features spiral wire safety guards for protection from blades. Direct Drive Models feature a PCS type motor that operates 3 aluminum blades. Belt Drive Models feature 4 aluminum blades and a single-phase enclosed motor. Includes 2 rubber wheels on a swivel cart base with 360° drum tilt and 10' SJT 3-conductor power cord. Fans meet OSHA standards and are UL listed (CD Brand...

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