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Outstanding company hard workers affordable prices my movers were Raymond and Fernando outstanding people in hiring them again in the future to help my sister and her family pay no attention to the negative feedback on here these people are not thieves that's B.S. I had zero issues with these guys they were honest hard working guys period the loaded and unloaded 52' feet of furniture the truck was packed top to bottom and got it all done with zero damage in a day WOW is all can say they were willing to work out payment I'd highly recommend these guys to work for anyone the negative reviews are simply a disgruntled customer hire them to do a small job you'll see these guys are hard working totally legitimate honest people. Thanks Guys for your hard work !! God Bless

our movers Joe and Joel were the best movers i have ever have. The moved a very heavy difficult dresser down the stairs of my condo to the second floor of my house. At the end of a long hot 12 hour day. They could have easily said it couldnt be done. It barely fit. Not a scratch on the house or furniture. They couldnt use a dolly. Strong as oxen. Conscientious. Honest. Hard working. Will hire them for my next move.i have moved many times. From State to state and house to house. The job i used tgem for was small. WAsher. Dryer. Dresser. But i would not hesitate to ask them to move the entire contents of my home.

Amazing Service.. I would like to thank Almighty Movers for an excellent service. They sent two professional movers who handled my move with great care and in a timely manner. Will def recommend to others.

I hired Almighty movers a few days ago to move from a 2bedroom apt on the 2nd floor to my new house. They showed up on time ready to work and did a great job. Very impressed.. Will recommend to others.

WORST MOVERS EVER!! THIEVES! STOLE $5, 000!!! First off, we moved less than a mile away and moved everything but the big items ourselves ... they turned a 1 hour job into a 4 hour job. Way to just take our money. Second, they scratched up EVERYTHING (new hardwood floors, wall, doors, wood furniture, etc.)!! Way to not know how to do your job. Lastly, they STOLE a box of photography/videography equipment worth $5, 000!! They nicely offered me a $50 credit in return for the stolen box. Ummm... 1) $50 is no where near $5, 000. Good try. Go back to school. 2) Why would I ever use you again?! They thought it was strange I waited to file a police report since I wanted to check the entire house before officially calling them thieves. I guess we're rude people for not jumping the gun on that. Oh, did I mention the video camera had our wedding and honeymoon on it. Hope the "lovely" team at Almighty Movers is enjoy our memories - perverts! We should have known... the guys were super sketchy looking to begin with. Best of luck if you have these guys scheduled already. I highly recommend you try a different company. Worst. Movers. EVER.

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