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Value movers were wonderful! They were so friendly and efficient. Great service, from the estimate stage where the crew came to final details . Moving a 3 bedroom house full of baby stuff. Very skilled company with affordable prices. Thank you guys you are the best.

If you like being overcharged for moving, these are the movers you should hire. I hired Value Movers and ended up paying for allegedly 3 movers to move my furniture from UES to West Harlem. This place is a total scam: 1. I was told that I would receive 3 movers (instead of 2 movers) at $135+ an hour. Well when they got here, 1 of the movers said he had to stand by the truck the entire time because the parking in front of my building is a no unloading zone. Thus, instead of simply asking me to stand by the truck, I was left with 2 movers. 2. The movers moved at glacial speed, taking at least 6-10 minutes between each trip up and down the stairs. There is no reason why it takes 6-10 minutes to take 1 lamp downstairs and come back upstairs to my apartment. 3. The movers took frequent breaks, often times it seemed like I only had 1 mover because 1 mover would stand downstairs and rest while the other mover would continue moving my things. I caught 1 mover sitting downstairs outside my apartment on his cell phone just delaying time, and I also saw the mover take a 5-10 minute smoke break. 4. The movers lacked the motivation and the urgency during the move in order to accumulate as many hours as possible. I ended up paying over $800 (tip included) to move across town and I only had enough furniture for maybe a studio apartment. I only had 2 large pieces of furniture - a love seat and a queen mattress and bed frame. 5. The movers were careless during the move. When they were moving my furniture into my new apartment, they often times slid pieces of furniture along the hardwood floor damaging both the hardwood floor and he furniture itself. Please do yourself a favor and do NOT hire these movers. They are the definition of bad business practices and will take advantage of you during the moving process. *Update - this company exercises bad business practices and threatens their customers for writing bad reviews

We hired Value Movers to move our children to 2 different locations in 1 day - 1 in Astoria and 1 in Manhattan - and we could not have been happier with their services. We have hired movers frequently in the past and we all said they were the best we ever had. We have never had anyone cover and protect our furniture as well as they did and they unpacked it and set it up with such speed and efficiency. They were prompt and courteous and we will definitely use them again!

They came 15 min early. Movers are great, professional and strong. They took care of the furniture really good. They move pretty quick, they did what they have to do and they certainly know what they're doing. The price is reasonable. Will use them again next time.

I called this company this morning asking for a quote to move my stuff from Brooklyn to California . I was asked how many bedrooms I said one but will not be taking the whole apartment just items which I was ready to give inventory. Less than 5 minutes on the phone the rep I spoke to said this company is not a good fit because they do exclusive moving. Once I asked for the cost which he gave me at 11k without even asking for my full inventory I replied oh ok that is a little pricey. The rep got angry with me and began to shout that he wasting his time. Wow . I have been shopping around for moving companies for a while now and not one time I was spoken to the way this gentleman spoke to me

We hired these guys 2 weeks ago and had no idea what to expect. My boyfriend and I were moving in together so we had 2 stops on the way. One of our stops was a walk up on 1st avenue during the busiest time of the day! We were both amazed at how efficient and fast these guys were working their way through our stuff (and we had A LOT). The move took twice as long as we expected purely due to the amount of stuff we had and traffic, which clearly no one has control over. Regardless of the expense, we were just so so impressed with how wonderful these guys were and how they never once complained during the 6.5 hours of hauling furniture up and down the stairs in the heat. We NEVER could have done this on our own so we are greatly appreciative of their service. Yes, moving is expensive in NYC, always count on spending double the amount you get quoted because you can never predict what can happen. The unexpected should not be held against the movers though. We owe you a huge thank you Value Relocation! You made this move less stressful for us!

I've used Value Movers twice, just to unload a uhaul. They've always been prompt and professional. There were some minor miscommunication issues with the folks unloading, but they have always been fixed and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

Moved from Crown Heights to Astoria and it was equally smooth and fast as the last time. Transparent about all costs, and affordable. If I ever have to move again, they'll be the company I call. Highly recommend!

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