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I originally called to get a quote for moving a piano I was going to look at on Craigslist. I did not like the piano, so I never called them back, but a week later they called me to follow up. I explained that I did not like the piano and that I am looking for a functional, inexpensive, yet attractive piano to expose my son to. They said they had a few and I could come and take a look. There were a few options, all were explained to me and I liked one that although likely was not the best sounding of the three, it was to me the most attractive and that was equally important to me. They tuned it and delivered it 3 days later. It looks gorgeous! And sounds pretty good too! It would have cost nearly as much to have a free piano off of Craigslist moved and tuned. I am extremely happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend them! They are very nice also.

- Amy P.

The crew was very friendly, professional and quick working. They know what they are doing. I appreciated them taking a dining room table too although they do not usually do this. The only improvement I suggest is that they give you a block of time to hold on moving day (rather than hold the whole day) when you make the reservation. It was difficult to hold the hold the entire day and only learn of the exact hour the day before. However, this is minor compared with the peace of mind of these pros handling the piano and reasonable cost.


I had to convince my wife that these guys would do as good a job as the company she had used before, and they absolutely exceeded both of our expectations (at a price $300 less than the quote from the other company). They were extremely professional and polite, worked fast, and most importantly, delivered our prized possession safely to our new home.

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