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P. hughes and sons piano moving truck philadelphia early 20th century

Many Uses for a Piano Moving Truck

P. Hughes & Sons would advertise for larger companies on their trucks (for example G.W. Hurver), this was common in those days. G. Huver was the company that Mrs. Hughes worked for, and where Mr. and Mrs. Hughes first met.

Pennsylvania's Largest for 40 Years

Duffy Piano Movers was the largest piano moving company in Pennsylvania running as many as 7 trucks at a time, and delivering as many as 175 pianos in one day, during the 1940's. The Duffy family was known for their honest and kindness to everyone. Pictured here from left to right: John M. Duffy, Jr., Thomas J. Duffy, official of Girard Bank, and John M. Duffy, Sr. Due to hardships during 1985 Duffy & Hughes were forced to close their doors in December of 1989

ending 95 years of service.

Pennsylvania piano movers and truck during 1930sJoe Spike Piano Mover

Joe Spike Sr. took this picture in his brand new Mack truck in 1946. During this time his truck was considered to be the most expensive truck on the market. When Joe Spike's company shut down in 2002 the truck was still running.

Moving Pianos to Important Places

Pictured here and above, Fox Piano Movers, Ed and Mac Fox move a Steinway into the white House. It was around 1960. Billy Duffy, the grandson of John M. Duffy, was working for Fox until their retirement in 2009.

henry spike moving over sized grand piano

Moving Pianos from Father to Son

Mr. Eugene P. Hughes, son of P. Hughes had been in the piano moving business since he was a boy; his father had begun one of the first professional piano moving businesses in Philadelphia in 1895.

Tough Times & Changes

In the 20's P. Hughes & Son took a big blow with the great depression and the invention of the radio and they were forced to go under. Then in the 1930's Hughes started over and joined Joe Spike and John M. Duffy. The three piano movers worked out of Joe Spike's shop at 813 South 2nd Street.
In 1935 Mr. Duffy and Mr. Hughes left Joe Spike to begin their own company. P. Hughes & Son & John M. Duffy located at 59th & Market.

duffy piano moving company 1950sPowerful Trucks for Moving Pianos

Joe Spike's Acme Piano Company owned three Mack trucks and had 15 men working for him 913 are pictured here). Following the war, pianos were in high demand. Pictured fourth from the right in the rear is John Riley (16 years old) who had been working for Spike since the age of 14. John Duffy had been partners with Spike at one time, and this is where John Riley had met Mr. Duffy in 1945.

Fox Piano Movers

With the unfortunate loss of Henry Spike in 1993, Joe Spike chose to close the piano moving section of his company. John Riley then hired Fox Piano Movers. John J. Fox, Sr. began his business, Fox Piano Movers, in 1935. Fox was known for moving the largest pianos in the industry; some weighing up 1, 000 lbs.

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