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Specialist moversAn investment as valuable as an upright or grand piano deserves to be treated with the best of care. Hiring a professional piano mover to transport your instrument smoothly and safely is well worth the piano moving cost.

Upright pianos can weigh as much as 800 pounds and grand pianos can exceed 1, 000 pounds, depending on the make and model of your product. Entrusting your piano to anyone less than a specialty mover can put it at risk of serious damage. It can also put you and your DIY moving team at risk of injury for taking on such a difficult job.

Whether you’re moving your piano across town or across the country, it’s best to hire movers who specialize in this area. Even regular household movers may not have the training or experience to get the job done right.

Despite their heavy weight and large size, pianos are delicate musical instruments that require special handling and care.

Pro piano movers know what they’re doing and can minimize the risk of damage to your instrument (and home) during the moving process.

Choosing a speciality mover

Piano relocation specialists vary in level of experience and expertise. Choosing the right mover is key to getting quality services at affordable moving costs. One way to find a qualified mover is to call piano shops, technicians or teachers in your area and ask for a referral. If you live in a small city or rural town, chances are your mover choices will be limited to one or two professionals in this field. In large metropolitan areas, there may be more.

When possible, try to get estimates from various companies to get a better picture of piano movers cots where you live. This helps you prepare in advance for this financial investment.

You can also ask piano removal companies to provide you with references of satisfied customers to get a better idea of the standard of services they provide and cost.

Cost GraphLook for a mover with a reputation for providing quality services, even if the cost is a little higher. Such movers will appreciate the value of your merchandise and make a greater effort to see your piano is transported safe and sound to its new destination. You can count on a reputable piano mover to have the personnel and equipment needed for the job.

Insurance is yet another aspect to consider when selecting a professional piano mover. Although your homeowner’s insurance will cover your piano, your mover should also offer sufficient insurance coverage to cover accidental damage or replacement cost. Before hiring a specialty mover, take time to discuss insurance matters up front so you have a clear understanding of what kind of protection the company is offer in the event of damage. Your mover should also have coverage for worker’s comp to protect their employees in the event of injuries during your move.

Calculating Piano Movers Cost – how much does it cost to move a piano?

Piano removals companies generally bill their customers in two ways:

  1. By the hour, with an average minimum of 3 hours, or
  2. By set rate based on such factors as:
  • the type of piano being moved
  • distance of your move
  • difficulty of the move (stairs, rough terrain to travel, limited space, etc.)
  • number of employees engaged in the move
  • time restrictions
  • waiting time

The cost of moving a piano will vary depending on the company you hire. Most companies can provide you with a moving estimate over the phone. When calling a mover to get a quote, be sure to relay all the information he needs to give you an accurate moving estimate.

This information includes:

Piano Type and Size

In order to calculate the cost of moving a piano, your mover will need to know what type of piano you have, i.e. an Upright or Grand piano. If you describe your piano as “standard” or “regular, ” it doesn’t provide your mover with sufficient information to give you an accurate quote.

The size of the piano is also important in calculating piano movers cost. To determine the size of your Upright piano, measure its height from the floor to its lid. Grand pianos are measured by their length, from one end of the keyboard all the way to the end of the piano’s bow (curve).

With this information, movers can decide how many workers are needed for the move as well as what equipment is required. Some movers may ask you for the make and model of your piano to help determine its weight and prospective value.

Move Distance and Destination

Make sure your mover knows where the piano is currently located and where you want to have it moved. Taking into consideration fuel and labor costs, distance will make a difference in the cost of your move. When providing this information, include the suburb and city where you live, suburb and city of your destination and the nearest main street for a more accurate quote.

Obstacles to Moving

The cost of moving a piano increases dramatically when there are obstacles in the moving path. Stairs, dirt or gravel paths and tight spaces are examples of obstacles that can complicate a move and increase its cost. Carrying an object as heavy and awkward as a piano up or down stairs, around trees, across grassy knolls, across gravel paths, etc. increases the risk of accidental damage to your merchandise and injury to the mover.

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