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I first corresponded with them by email (using their online form), got a response with an estimate. Was surprised that they could not give me a more firm timeframe to move the piano than between 7AM and 2PM on the intended day. I pushed the issue several times by email and on the phone. My seller wanted the piano moved early. I called another provider and surprisingly they could do much better. I ended up using Piano Movers Ext as they were less than the other estimate I received. The night before they gave me AND the seller a call and said between Noon and 2PM, luckily the seller made it work - that was good. They came the next day as promised and moved the piano and the move went fine. The workers were not rude but also not into much in the way of pleasantries but were gone in a few minutes.

As you can probably tell in this day of online delivery appointment windows I'm frankly shocked that a closer window cannot be determined by these service providers and if / when someone out there provides it I feel that customers will be a path to their door.

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