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Great group of people, super service! I had to arrange moving a piano from a friend's apartment (who was moving overseas) to our home for "safe-keeping". This company was suggested by Kennally Keys Music Store, so I gave it a chance. The woman who set the gig up was very very nice and helpful. The estimate was extremely reasonable, and she promised that the actual job wouldn't go over estimate. The crew was fast yet careful. The pick-up happened without a hitch, and even though they were exhausted (it was at the end of their day) they managed to stay friendly and focused. The delivery was without issue and we are sooo happy to have the piano here!

I used this company to move a piano from Kirkland to Bellevue. When I spoke with Michael to set it up, I found him to be gruff and a little unprofessional, but workable. He did not beak down expenses when he gave me a quote (he gave me a range, and then told the guys to charge me the max even though it was an smooth move on both ends with no hiccups or traffic) and he did not mention that they charge a $5 fee if you use a credit card. Everything went smoothly and on time. I received a phone call when the crew was 20 min away, and when they arrived Alton, Boris, and Dan were polite, professional, and efficient. I appreciated their hustle and the fact that they took pride and satisfaction in their work.The piano is in perfect condition, and I'm thrilled to have it.

Do not use this company!! They damaged my piano and charged me extra at the time of delivery! I called this company and spoke with one of the managers to get a quote; they quoted me $360 for the move and if anything was excessively difficult or went wrong the max they could charge me would be $397. The day of the move they were running late, which in itself is not a problem however they said they would call me 30 mins before they showed which they did not. When they did arrive, 30 mins after the 2 hour window they gave from the original 4-6pm pickup time, they had trouble moving the piano around a corner and down the stairs. The piano has been moved three times by two different companies; neither of which had any difficulties moving the piano around the corner and down the stairs. The crew that was working from this company refused to listen to advice on how the other piano movers successfully and easily moved the piano. It took them over 2 hours to move the piano from the upstairs downstairs at the pickup location. When the movers finally arrived they had no trouble moving the piano to its desired location; however the crew was constantly bickering with each other on sharing the work load equally. When the piano was finally in the room and on the floor the lead piano mover in an excessively intimidating voice stated that "[I] need to call the boss and talk about money." When I called the manager he told me that the price of the delivery had gone up and it would be $475 since it had taken them longer then they thought. Since it was the same person who quoted me I asked him why he thought it was acceptable to give a quote range, and explicitly tell me the maximum I would be charged could be $397, then at the day of the move raise the price? The only answer he could give was "it's difficult to gauge and quote these things." The manager later called me back and said that I could speak with the owner of the company in a week when he returned to see if I could be reimbursed for the extra charges. I also pointed out to one of the workers that one of the protective rubber pads on the piano is now missing, he told me "that's strange", and did nothing to find the missing part in the truck. After the crew had finally finished, now after 10pm when the original pickup time was 4-6pm and the move was from Kent to Bothell (approximately 1 hour drive time), the workers left. I discovered they also left a significant amount of tracked in mud and debris all over the stairs and carpet that I will now have to rent a steamer to clean; which is slightly confounding since both properties have very clear concrete paths without any mud. The day after I inspected the piano since I did not have a chance to do so on the account of them finishing after 10pm (several hours behind schedule). I called the supervisor who managed the move and told him about the damage. He immediately began to berate me, telling me that he found it disrespectful that I didn't thank the workers for doing a hard job; that there was nothing that I could do because I signed the credit receipt; then said he was going to try to cut me a deal but accused me of trying to scam the company. I simply asked him for the owners contact information so that they could be made aware of the situation and to discuss a possible solution. I have never dealt with such despicable and unprofessional people in my life.

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