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Piano moving requires skill and strategy. The sheer weight and size of a piano make one difficult to handle even for a professional mover.

Our nyc movers have the training and the experience to handle any size piano be it an upright piano or a concert grand. Our movers understand the value of these masterful instruments and the delicate nature involved with moving them and that’s why with our nyc professional movers you can feel at ease when you entrust Redline Moving.

  • Experienced Piano Movers
  • Spinet, Console, Studio, Upright and Grands
  • E-Track Piano Moving Boards with specialized Dollies
  • Hoisting and Rigging
  • Courteous, Respectful Service
  • Residential and Commercial

Although piano moving is a specialized skill there is no need to complicate matters more by hiring another company just to handle your piano. Our New York Movers are trained and equipped to facilitate the transport of your piano without the need to involve a second company.

New York Movers Process:

  • Pre move inspection of the piano for any pre-existing damage.
  • Lid, Legs and Pedal Lyre are removed for Grand Pianos.
  • Piano is padded with moving blankets, then shrink wrapped.
  • Piano placed on piano board and secured.

Once your nyc professional movers have moved your piano to its new destinations:

  • Piano is stripped of moving blankets and shrink wrap.
  • After move inspection for any damage.
  • Lid, Legs and Pedal Lyre are replaced for Grand Pianos.
  • Piano is placed in location under the direction of the customer

NYC Moving tips for your piano:

  • Wait 2 weeks for the piano to acclimate to its new environment before getting it tuned.
  • Don’t place the piano over any heat sources.
  • Avoid placement in direct sunlight.
  • A relative humidity level of 40 to 45 percent is ideal for Pianos.
  • Plants, vases, drinks, and any other liquids should be kept off the piano
  • Avoid furniture polish on your piano

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