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Elite Piano Movers Moving A Grand At HPCMoving A Piano Is No Small Task!

That the piano is being moved, rather than sold, must mean it is important, so why not protect it?

Even a console piano can cause a headache for an inexperienced mover. During a move, it might be tempting to allow a regular moving company take care of the piano, as they would a couch or desk. This is admittedly cheaper, but far riskier. A piano's action is sensitive, and the frame is under immense tension. Even minor cracks to the soundboard can destroy the piano. The lack of experience moving pianos means less attention being paid to the deceptive fragility of this large instrument.

Professional piano movers not only have the correct tools but also have an appropriate mode of transportation specifically set up to accommodate pianos, with padding and restraints designed for a piano. Once at the destination, piano movers will more ably maneuver the piano to its intended resting place, rather than leave it in the center of the room. The best decision, by far, is to hire a professional piano moving company.

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