2 cheap movers And A Truck

This was the worse experience ever. Please do not use them it was so not worth the stress of moving. The owner is lazy and just takes advantage of his workers. Within the first half hour on the job one of his workers quit and basically stood outside of our home on the street in a very residential neighborhood so it was down to basically one person. The driver/owner didnt lift a thing he just wanted to waste time dismantling and wrapping things. We had to tell them to not dismantle and just move cause it took 2 hours to move 1 bedroom set to the truck.
My husband basically packed our 4 bdroom house in the garage to make the move easier but the driver basically dragged the day turning the job into 9 hours. We even shortened the move by packing 3 cars full of stuff and also 2 females myself and cousin helded unpack the truck just to get them to finish and for them to leave.
It is a month later and we are still feeling the effects of this horrible moving company. The owner mounted stuff back cause i told him there were not to leave until he was done doing that but he used the wrong screws to put my daughter's bed back together and there were long screws sticking out from her trundle bed... such a hazzard.
I warn you, plead with you do not use this company.
If you have to rent your own truck, it may take longer and but wont be stressful like if you use them.plus have to pay 1000s in shabby shameful work..

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