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It's a difficult decision: Should you hire movers or rent a moving truck for your move? Under certain circumstances, renting a truck is one of the most affordable options, and can help you plan and get the best rates on moving truck rental. But, there are some important points to cover before you make your decision.

What Size Truck Do I Need?

The size of your home will determine what size truck you need to rent. We recommend renting one with at least 10 percent more size than you think you'll need. It's easy to underestimate the amount of stuff you have in closets, cabinets, or stored in the attic. And, packing furniture in a truck isn't as easy as a game of Tetris. Be safe and go with more room, so you don't have to make multiple trips or leave possessions behind.

Most trucks run between 10 foot in size for a loft, studio, or one-bedroom apartment, up to 26' feet or more for a four bedroom home or larger. You should also take into consideration how much furniture you own, because it often takes up the largest portion of a truck. Packing boxes of various sizes will let you slip some into nooks and crannies.

Potential Rental Truck Fees

If you decide to rent a truck, make sure you take into consideration how far you are moving and the variable costs associated with that distance. How many miles will you put on the truck (some truck rentals have unlimited mileage), the cost of fuel, and how many days you will need the truck will all be taken into consideration for your total cost

If you're moving within your current city, you'll be able to return the truck to the same location where you picked it up. If you're moving to a new city, you'll drop off your truck at the company's nearest lot to your new home. This is known as a one-way move and it will be more expensive than if you returned the truck to the lot where you started because truck rental companies may have to drive it empty to another location to make sure the stock of trucks is balanced for customer needs. The additional cost you pay will cover those logistical needs. Before signing an agreement, make sure you discuss all potential fees with the rental agency and agree to a drop-off location that makes sense financially and distance-wise.

Peak Truck Renting Season

If you plan on renting a truck, remember that the summer months of May through September are the peak season for residential moving. Companies often book up all available trucks during these months. If you need to move during the summer, book several months ahead of time. The end of the month also tends to be a popular time for moving. With this in mind, consider an off-season or mid-month move if at all possible.

Truck Rental Fraud and Scams

Do your research before choosing a truck rental agency. A review of the company's Better Business Bureau profile and other online review sites will help ensure you rent a truck from a company with good business practices and good customer service.

Do-It-Yourself Moving

Renting a truck is signing up for a do-it-yourself move. While you are saving money, you're spending your own time and effort to complete the move itself. No matter how big or strong your family members are, don't put the entire burden on them to get every box and piece of furniture loaded on the truck. Recruit a few friends and promise them a nice reward to help with the heavy lifting. Take care of everyone and know everyone's limits. Follow proper protocol for handling heavier items and use appropriate tools to ease the process. If you can spread out the move over a couple of days to save your energy, even better.

Make sure to budget for renting all necessary moving tools to help load your belongings into the truck. Decide whether you'll need hand trucks, dollies, straps, and pads/blankets for your move and how many of each. You can usually rent these through your truck rental center and roll the cost in with your whole estimate.

Truck Rental Insurance

Check to see if your auto or homeowner's insurance covers damage from an accident while driving your rental truck. Prepare for this in advance in case you need to buy additional coverage from your rental center. Coverage from your truck rental location will be available for a small fee each day you have the vehicle. Also, ask about available coverage for damage on any of your belongings during the move. If available, ask for quotes on each plan so you can make the best choice based on how far you are moving and how valuable your belongings are.

Auto Transportation when Moving

Even as the rest of your home is packed up, consider how you will get your vehicle(s) to your new home. If you plan on driving your own vehicle or having family drive your vehicles behind the truck, then you're covered. If this isn't possible, look into an auto transport company to ship your vehicle.

We partner with three different truck rental companies, U Pack, Penske, and Budget, to provide truck rental services for customers. Each company has its own deals that you automatically receive when booking a truck from We also offer a search feature to find other truck rentals in your area.

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