Cheapest caravan motor movers

Caravan Motor movers are great and they are a necessary asset if you own a caravan. Caravan owners are often looking for caravan motor movers available for sale as they are a great help to maneuver their caravans. However, even with all the advantages, did you ever consider that there could be a better way to maneuver your caravan than a motor mover?

Before you go on with your search for a suitable caravan motor mover for sale, let’s take a look at some genuine issues…

1) Caravan Motor Movers are slow – don’t you hate it when it takes you more time to park your caravan with the motor mover than it took you to cover the last mile in your journey?

2) A Big Fail in Hilly Terrain – If you have ever used a caravan motor mover on a hilly terrain, you know how difficult it can be with its tiny battery.

3) Its Heavy – a typical caravan motor mover would weigh anywhere between 35-80 kgs.

4) Costly - You will definitely feel the pinch in your pocket shelling out anywhere between £599 - £1999

Front Towbars – A much better option for moving your caravan

(You might even consider putting up your caravan motor mover for sale, if you have one already! )

Front Towbars are actually a much better option compared to the traditional caravan motor movers. While they are way cheaper (starting from £180), they also come with a guarantee for the lifetime of the vehicle. They are much lighter and allows for a much faster movement of the vehicle. Also, if you are trying to maneuver your caravan up or down a steep slope, front towbars would beat caravan motor movers hands down.

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