Cheapest House movers in singapore

Terms & Conditions, VERY IMPORTANT TO READ:

All the above prices are subject to change without prior notice unless you have a confirmed booking with either a SMS or an email with a confirmed price quoted!

All the above the prices DO NOT include any staircase climbing either UP or DOWN!

All the above prices are subject to the customer making sure that there is LEGAL parking under or in front of their residents with less than 25 metres from the lift or the address!

All above prices DO NOT include surcharges for after 6pm, parking or ERP charges should they exceed more than $2.

Any bookings made will be fully chargeable if we come and the items are not as described to us, even if the job is not completed. PLEASE DECLARE all the items so we can give you an accurate price.

Should the item list varies from the list sent to us at the time of booking then extra charges may occur.

Staircase per floor per item up or down $20 per item or $150 per lorry load.

Dismantling per bulky item or storage bed $25 – $35

Dismantling per bunk bed from $35 & above.

Cheapest Mover SG (ON TRACK SG) reserves the right to change prices without any prior notice.

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